News 1130 – City News
New fundraiser launched to help people in Downtown Eastside amid pandemic
Mar 23, 2020

Vancouver Is Awesome
DTES Response launched to protect community from COVID-19
Mar 24, 2020

Inside the Jar
DTES community groups organize response to COVID-19
Mar 24, 2020

Early edition Stephen Quinn
COVID-19 concerns in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
Fiona York is Coordinator & Administrator for the Carnegie Community Action Project, March 24, 2020

Nation Talk
DTES response launched to protect community from COVID-19 – Vancouver Is Awesome
March 25, 2020

Vancouver Courier
Effort launched to protect Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside from COVID-19
MARCH 25, 2020

Daily Hive
Downtown Eastside organizations mobilize in fight against coronavirus

Spice Radio 1200 AM
Talking about the Downtown Eastside Side Response group saying it is important that the most vulnerable are protected during the Covid-19 pandemic.
March 27, 2020

News1130 – CityNews
DTES help can’t come fast enough, say anxious advocates
Apr 6, 2020